FAQ about the Bahá’í Faith

A few sample questions…

What is the Bahá’í Attitude toward the followers of other Faiths?
Bahá’u’lláh called upon the Bahá’ís to associate with the followers of all religions in a spirit of love and friendship. Bahá’ís see no intrinsic conflict with other religious communities, as they believe all the revealed faiths originate from the same Source, God, and are essentially one.

How is the Bahá’í Community organized?
Bahá’í community life is characterized by great freedom of individual belief. There is no clergy in the Bahá’í Faith.  A system of democratically elected councils at the local, national, and international levels administer the affairs of the community.

Do Bahá’ís have a Scripture?
The writings of Bahá’u’lláh, comprising an estimated 100 volumes are regarded as sacred Scripture. These writings cover topics of a wide range, including laws and principles for personal conduct and the governance of society, as well as mystical writings dealing with the progress of the soul and its journey towards God.  Bahá’ís recognize the Divine origin of the worlds other great religions and many Bahá’ís who come from other backgrounds are pleased to find that their understanding of the scripture of their heritage, such as the Bible or the Qur’an, is powerfully and dramatically enhanced by the tiers of light that the Bahá’í Writings shed on these previous scriptures.

Do Bahá’ís participate in Politics?
Bahá’ís take their civic responsibilities seriously and uphold the authority of established governments through loyalty and obedience to the laws of their country. While participating in elections for their government, they abstain from partisanship, and so do not join political parties or factions. Bahá’ís may serve their government in administrative posts but do not accept political appointments or run for elected office. Such service reflects the practice within the Bahá’í community, which holds elections for its administrative councils that are entirely without nominations or campaigning.

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